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Hospice - Crossing the Bar:

Lessons I've Learned As A Hospice Chaplain

Melvin Reddy

As a hospice chaplain, I am part of a team of healthcare professionals comprised of doctors, nurses, social workers, administrators, and other invaluable team members who offer our patients and their families the opportunity to live as fully as they can as they face the end of life. Some of the greatest life lessons I have learned have come from my experiences as a hospice chaplain. The individuals under my care have taught me that, in the end, what matters most are these three questions: How well did you live? How well did you love? How well did you learn to let go? 

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America on Anesthesia

How soon America forgets the sudden wave of shock, pain and suffering we experienced on 9-11. It is as if we suddenly awoke on an operating table to the horrible pain of live surgery only to be given more anesthesia and now we are back asleep.

What was lacking most on that day? It was not the police, fire fighters or emergency personnel, many of whom gave their lives. The Red Cross was there taking blood donations and helping the physical bodies of victims and rescuers. They all were there! So what was needed?

Welcome Chaplain Reddy

OCA's directors and Chaplain Ray Hawkins is welcoming Mel Reddy into his position as Director of Hospital/Hospice chaplain with OCA. Chaplain Ray Hawkins was our former director and is moving up to Senior Advisor to our Medical Chaplains and OCA Board Advisor. We thank Chaplain Hawkins for his years of plowing through the red tape as we started up this ministry. He certainly deserves his new role as Senior Advisor. Chaplain Hawkins was with us from the time  there was only 5 chaplains, including him, till now OCA is closing in on 150 chaplains nationwide. Again Thank you Chaplain Hawkins and welcome Chaplain Reddy 

Chpalain Mel Reddy's Biography:

Melvin Reddy is a full-time hospice chaplain who has served the greater Austin area for 7 years. Mel completed 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education at Seton Hospital, he holds a Master of Human Service Counseling from Regent University, and a Master of Theological Studies from Urshan Graduate School of Theology. He serves as an adjunct instructor at Urshan College and as the alumni president for UGST.  He and his wife, Lisa, pastor The Sanctuary Church in Cedar Park, Texas,and have one precious son, Jude.

Dr. Sidney Poe Director of Education

Projected OCA Chaplain’s Essentials Training 2015

July 24-26         Morgantown WVA     
Host David Hudson                        
P1/1st Responders

October 2-3        Pearland, TX

Host - Steve Miller

Part 2 Chaplain Training

Revival in Women's Prison by Steve Miller
On June 6th fourteen volunteers from three different churches held services at the Mountain View Prison Unit in Gatesville, TX.  The chaplain at this facility is apostolic which is a great blessing. 
Upon arrival we were split into groups of four people which went into the women's cell blocks to ministered to them thru the bars. 
Sister Della Steele and I were the only two people allowed into Death Row.  At the present time, there are only seven women on Death Row, only three of those women came to our service. The three were allowed out of their cells and into a day room where we were given a little less than an hour to minister.  During this service one of the three ladies received the Holy Ghost and all three said they would fill out the I-60 form requesting to be baptized in Jesus name. Our hearts were so touched by one lady in the service who is scheduled for execution in September.  She cried and really sought for the Holy Ghost but did not receive it.  Please pray for her.
After all of the groups ministered in the cell blocks and we had ministered on death row, we gathered in the main chapel for another service of approximately 200 women. During this service an additional twelve women received the Holy Ghost.  The chaplain told all of the men that we were not allowed to touch any of the women at all.  We could pray for them but couldn't touch them in any way.  The first three women I prayed for, as I placed my hands behind my back, all three  received the Holy Ghost.  God has no limits and is not limited by what we think He should do.
While we were having our service with the 200 women four of our volunteers were in a different day room, within the prison, holding another service with twenty women.  One of them also received the Holy Ghost. 
So far this year our group from the Austin area has seen 114 men and women receive the Holy Ghost.  We are believing great things for the rest of the year.
Chaplain Steve Miller
Note picture above not from Mountain View Prison Unit in Gatesville, TX but representative of wome in prison
OCA Police Chaplains

 Here are two of our chaplains being sworn in as police chaplains. Chaplain Robert Mitchell and Chaplain Andrew Wasmundt JR..This is the vision that we have had for so many years! That our chaplains could minister and be a vital part of every occupation. At this point we are closing in on 100 occupational chaplains in the UPCI.  Thank you God for your direction, Daniel Batchelor for his leadership and the great team that we work with Chaplain Hattabaugh, Chaplain Hawkins, Dr. Poe our director of training and my assistant Steve Miller.

William N Dillon
Director OCA

Chaplain Hattabaugh, our commander over the Police/Fire chaplains submitted this helpful booklet on 
Subject: DHS Resources for Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Events 
Click on the link above entitled "Active Shooter How to respond" to view 
This is also available in Spanish by requesting by email director@ocachaplain.com

Great News on CEUs
  Chaplain Miller would like to share with all of our chaplains a place to obtain Continuing Education Units" for a very reasonable cost.  www.quantumunitsed.com/

OCA will accept any field related training taught by credible trainers. ICPC is great Police chaplain training as well as many hospitals offer CPE training for Medical chaplains.

Purpose of a Disaster plan

To prepare a team of chaplains for natural or man-made disasters so that they can offer community and government authorities chaplains to assist in energy and disaster situations 


What is a disaster?

The American Red Cross defines a disaster as an emergency that causes the loss of life and property, and a disruption in which survivors cannot manage without spiritual, monetary, or physical assistance. Disasters may be human-made (e.g., terrorism, industrial accidents) or natural (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, etc.). 

Four phases of disaster

1. Rescue. The primary task is to save lives and property. Essential personnel include emergency medical, firefighting and law enforcement professionals. Nonprofessionals may be able to give first aid and call for help. Chaplains may be called on to supply Spiritual care.

2. Relief. The major task is to create safe and sanitary conditions for survivors and emergency personnel attending to them. Faith communities may provide clothing, food, shelter, health care, and pastoral response.

3. Short-term recovery. The major tasks include damage assessment, restoration of utilities, temporary repair, reestablishment of communications, and maintenance of civic order.

4. Long-term recovery. Principal tasks are rebuilding lives and communities, conducting grief counseling and dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual unmet needs.


Spiritual Care

During the rescue faze chaplains can be used to supply spiritual and emotional care to victims as follows

1.     Asses the survivors that are not in the need of immediate medical attention

2.     Dealing with family separation

3.     Death notification

4.     Comforting the bereaved

5.     Recommendations for further mental health attention

This is usually accomplished from and in conjunction with a First Responder or Crises command post or hospital in the area.

Having Chaplains on the Crises team has so many advantages that many goverment and private organizations have not only recognized this but are now asking for chaplains.

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Badge of Life
A wonderful site dedicated to helping prevent officer suicide. Met my friend Andy O'Hara and his dedicated team
Officer Resource Center

Recomended site by Chaplain Hattabaugh

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