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NOTE: When requesting a shield, please, mark your request on your form before sending it in. Or if it is not requested on form please email your request in addition to the payment.


At the time for a Renewal, please see "Levels & Requirements" button in the Top Menu. This will give you options for your renewal training and what the next Level requires or the amount of CEUs needed for your Level.

For CEUs link, please see the "CEUs" button in the Top Menu also.


***In-person training***

Dr Sidney Poe is hosting group classes "Chaplain Essentials Workshop (Part 1 or 2)"  For asssistance with these, please contact: Shari-Ann Pa-noy,


 If you are currently serving as a chaplain

Mission Statement

We exist to equip and credential United Pentecostal chaplains to present the gospel in a compelling fashion to occupational and communal America.

Vision Statement

The Occupational Chaplains Association exists to equip and ecclesiastically endorse United Pentecostal chaplains to reach beyond the closed doors and separating barriers of Corporate America. We are professional caregivers coming along side of today's workforce and their families to be the bridge of spiritual and emotional help to those caught in the machinery of life. We assist employers to retain workers and defusing workplace violence by presenting the Gospel through a ministry of presence.

Changes are coming. Do you feel a calling to help others in a time of need? Chaplaincy Ministries (formerly known as OCA) can help you in your Calling. Our NEW WEBSITE is coming soon with exciting news about training and tools to help you assist those in need.

2023 GC Chaplain luncheon and fellowship. Thankful for all our chaplains, board members and family of Rev William Dillon able to attend. May God continue to lead and guide us all to minister to those in need. 

UPCIGC22 Luncheon - Food and fellowship by
some of our board members and chaplains who were able to meet at conference.Thank you Chaplains for your ministry to your communities all over the U.S. and abroad.

For more encouraging articles and helps from our chaplains please see - Chaplain Blog's-  Articles

America on Anesthesia

How soon America forgets the sudden wave of shock, pain and suffering we experienced on 9-11. It is as if we suddenly awoke on an operating table to the horrible pain of live surgery only to be given more anesthesia and now we are back asleep.

What was lacking most on that day? It was not the police, fire fighters or emergency personnel, many of whom gave their lives. The Red Cross was there taking blood donations and helping the physical bodies of victims and rescuers. They all were there! So what was needed?

Please feel free to send Praise Reports/Prayer Requests as we join together to pray for needs that are brought to us.

Purpose of a Disaster plan

To prepare a team of chaplains for natural or man-made disasters so that they can offer community and government authorities chaplains to assist in energy and disaster situations.


What is a disaster?

The American Red Cross defines a disaster as an emergency that causes the loss of life and property, and a disruption in which survivors cannot manage without spiritual, monetary, or physical assistance. Disasters may be human-made (e.g., terrorism, industrial accidents) or natural (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, etc.). 

Four phases of disaster

1. Rescue. The primary task is to save lives and property. Essential personnel include emergency medical, firefighting and law enforcement professionals. Nonprofessionals may be able to give first aid and call for help. Chaplains may be called on to supply Spiritual care.

2. Relief. The major task is to create safe and sanitary conditions for survivors and emergency personnel attending to them. Faith communities may provide clothing, food, shelter, health care, and pastoral response.

3. Short-term recovery. The major tasks include damage assessment, restoration of utilities, temporary repair, reestablishment of communications, and maintenance of civic order.

4. Long-term recovery. Principal tasks are rebuilding lives and communities, conducting grief counseling and dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual unmet needs.

Spiritual Care

During the rescue phase chaplains can be used to supply spiritual and emotional care to victims as follows

1.     Assess the survivors that are not in the need of immediate medical attention

2.     Dealing with family separation

3.     Death notification

4.     Comforting the bereaved

5.     Recommendations for further mental health attention

This is usually accomplished from and in conjunction with a First Responder or Crises command post or hospital in the area.

Having Chaplains on the Crises team has so many advantages that many government and private organizations have not only recognized this, but are now asking for chaplains.

One More Giant

His third book One More Giant by Rev. William Dillon is now available on Kindle and Amazon. Signed copy available upon request-email on title to preview)

The Smell of Evangelism

His second Book The Smell of Evangelism by William N. Dillon. Buy on Amazon either paperback or kindle edition. Signed copies availble by emailing

The Unavoidable Gospel

The first book The Unavoidable Gospel by Rev. William N. Dillon and Albert L. Dillon sharing about the beginnings of prison ministry for CPF (Christian Prisoner Fellowship) by the UPCI. This is available through Kindle and Amazon. Signed copies are available by request -

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Ministry Central

Distance Learning Primary Site

(Click on picture of books to go directly to Ministry Central)

Perspective Chaplains,

Level One and Two distance learning can be found on Ministry Central ( You can take both Levels on Ministry Central.  To apply for endorse status you must complete Level One training and pass the tests. These are open book tests so feel free to review the material as many times as you need to. You can either take this training though our live training taught by Dr. Sidney Poe or take the training online. The courses are offered at a very reasonable cost compared to industry standards. When you apply there is a charge for application processing and first year dues. After the first year the renewal fee is $90.00 a year.

Within one year after being endorsed you are required to complete Level Two. This training is designed to give you tools to use when the need arises so that you will be able to help those in crises.

We have two sites for distance learning. Below you will see the link to That site was our first training site and only has Level One training. Because of the program limits Level One on this site had to be split up in to parts A&B with test. It takes both A&B and the test to complete Level One training. 

We sincerely pray that your journey into chaplaincy will be an anointed and fruitful path. If we can help you in any way, please contact the Administrative Assistant Brandi Hood at (800)755-8492 or 

Thank you for your interest and burden.

John D Putnam, Director of Operations

William Dillon, Director Emeritus

Badge of Life
A wonderful site dedicated to helping prevent officer suicide. Met my friend Andy O'Hara and his dedicated team
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