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 If you are currently serving as a chaplain

Professional Level 

Professional Level Chaplain

To qualify for Professional Level you must meet the following training and experience level:

1. At least 4 years experience field related

2. Level 3 Basic Chaplain Training from UGST or its equivalent *

3. In addition, you must take or be actively seeking to complete two of the following:

§ Crisis Intervention - level II

§ Conflict Management - level II

§ Unexpected Death Notification - level II

4. All applicants must be a licensed ministers or have the following:

§ A Christian Workers license designated as a chaplain from their local assembly with 5-years experience field related

§ If you are not the pastor of your local assembly then you must have a signed endorsement letter from your pastor

5. Must have completed two of the following FEMA courses

§ Incident Management

§ Operational Planning

§ Disaster Logistics

§ Service to Victims

§ Continuity Programs

§ Public Disaster Communications

§ Integrated Preparedness

§ Hazard Mitigation

6. Must have completed level one of CISM and within one more year level two CISM training

Level one CISM

§ Nature of Stress / Traumatic Stress

§ Types of Critical Incidents

§ CISM Team Structure

§ On-Scene Support Services

§ Mobilization / Demobilization

§ Group Debriefing (CISD)

§ Defusing

§ Facilitative Listening Skills

§ Spousal / Significant Other Support

§ Individual Intervention

§ Referral Options and Peer Limitations

§ Helping The Helper

§ Confidentiality Issues

Completion of a Basic CISM course is pre-requisite for attendance CISM level 2 (some times called CISD)

Level 2 CISM (CISD)

§ Traumatic Stress / Stress Management

§ Nature of Post-Traumatic Syndromes and PTSD

§ Signs and Symptoms of PTSD / Responding to PTSD in Others / Referral

§ Rationale for CISM / Why CISD Works / Role in Prevention of PTSD

§ CISD vs. Psychotherapy

§ Current Thinking on CISM

§ Best Practices / Lessons Learned from CISM

§ Difficult Debriefings: Line of Duty Death / Symbolic / Multiple Incident / Disasters

§ Preserving CISM Team Members

§ Comprehensive CISM Approach

Basic Chaplain Course Level III taught by UGST Title

"Introduction to Community Chaplaincy III"

Note: Level III is still in the development stage, acceptable crossover training for this course will be Basic Level International Conference of Police Chaplain (ICPC) training of PCE two units (Pastoral Chaplain Education which is Hospital and Hospice training)

Ministry Central

Distance Learning Primary Site

(Click on picture of books to go directly to Ministry Central)

Perspective Chaplains,

Level One and Two distance learning can be found on Ministry Central ( You can take both Levels on Ministry Central.  To apply for endorse status you must complete Level One training and pass the tests. These are open book tests so feel free to review the material as many times as you need to. You can either take this training though our live training taught by Dr. Sidney Poe or take the training online. The courses are offered at a very reasonable cost compared to industry standards. When you apply there is a charge for application processing and first year dues. After the first year the renewal fee is $90.00 a year.

Within one year after being endorsed you are required to complete Level Two. This training is designed to give you tools to use when the need arises so that you will be able to help those in crises.

We have two sites for distance learning. Below you will see the link to That site was our first training site and only has Level One training. Because of the program limits Level One on this site had to be split up in to parts A&B with test. It takes both A&B and the test to complete Level One training. 

We sincerely pray that your journey into chaplaincy will be an anointed and fruitful path. If we can help you in any way, please contact my Administrative Assistant Brandi Hood at 662-346-3239 or or if you need to talk to me you can call 870-814-0901.

Thank you for your interest and burden.

William Dillon

OCA Director 

His third book One More Giant by Rev. William Dillon is now available on Kindle and Amazon. Signed copy available upon Request.

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One more Giant

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All applications are to be sent to:

OCA Director William Dillon  
264 South Veterans Memoral Blvd 
Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone: 870-814-0901

OCA is an endorsed project of the UPCI in the Office of Education and Endorsements 

36 Research Park Court, Weldon, Spring MO 63304