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William Dillon is the Director of Operations and commander of Corporate Chaplains area of Occupational Chaplains Association OCA is a chaplain subdivision within the Department of Chaplaincy of the UPCI.


Professional Chaplaincy

  • Thirty five years of ministerial and chaplain experience
    • 1985 to present  - Ordained Minister
    • 1980-1985 Licensed Minister
  • Director of Operations OCA Chaplains
  • Certified by the National Association of Forensic Counselor and the National Board of Addiction Examiners
    • Certified Addictions counselor
    • Certified Criminal Justice counselor 
    • Certified Domestic Violence counselor
  • National Trainer specializing in "Sudden and Unexpected Death Notification" 
  • Anger Management Trainer 
  • Associate chaplain NMMC and in CPE program 
  • Chaplain Dismas Charities 
  • Board of Director OCA corporate contacts 

Former Positions Held

  • Sr Pastor of Pentecostals of El Dorado AR
  • Chaplain for the 13th Judicial Court AR
  • President of the board of directors UGM
  • Director ACT/LAM program 13th Judicial District 
  • ICPC Trained State Police Chaplain AR (no longer active)
  • Chaplain Team Leader over several Companies based in of El Dorado, AR 
  • District Chaplains of Prison ministry CPF MS District
  • Director of Life's Chaplains
  • Regional Director of Life In Focus Education 
  • Certifying agent of Life's Chaplains,
  • Department Director Tupelo Children's Mansion ten years

The Birth of the Corporate Chaplain

Several years ago corporations awoke to the understanding that employees were their greatest resource. Without taking care of the employee's needs they lost valuable trained workers, training dollars and production. Their answer was the Employee's Assistance Programs. This took on several forms; from a number to call to some unknown place where the employee could talk to someone they did not know, to the open door policy from the office of the CEO of the company. Neither of these worked very well for different reasons. Employees did not want to talk to someone they did not know and could not see. The Open Door policy while it worked soon filled up the valuable time of the CEO's office.


Thus was born the Corporate Chaplain, they came to the rescue, walking among the employees on site each week. The chaplains know the employees and win their trust. They take the load off of everyone from the CEO to the HR Department by going to the hospitals, attending or performing weddings and funerals, making the calls and tending to the needs of the employee and their families.


Site Mailing List 
Caring in Action

Director of Occupational Chaplains:  John D Putnam
Director Emeritus:  William Dillon

Administrative Asst.:

Brandi Hood -

Phone: (800) 755-8492

Mail to:

Occupational Chaplains Assoc.

PO Box 1532

Saltillo, MS 38866

OCA is an endorsed project of the UPCI in the Office of Education and Endorsements 

36 Research Park Court, Weldon, Spring MO 63304